Eating Healthy For Mental Success

Posted on Jan 23, 2012 in Health Optimization

Eat Plenty Of FRESH Fruit And Veggies Every Single DayFruit and vegetables are full of vital life force energy which will have you feeling good and light on the inside. When you feel good and light on the inside, you feel more confident, enthusiastic and capable of achieving your goals. Your mind feels clearer and you will be able to be more focused and driven to your goals.

Eat Staple Foods, Like Wholegrains, Brown Rice and Brown Pasta

These types of foods are mild on your system and will have you feeling great. They have a moderate glycemic index which means they take some type to digest and will lead to a slow release of glucose into your bloodstream. This is ideal, because it means that you will have a constant, stable and reliable supply of nutrients for longer.

You should consume regular meals per day, as this will allow a constant supply of nutrients into your system. It also helps to supply a regular stream of nutrients to the vital areas of your brain. It is said in fact that the brain consumes 60g of glucose per hour, so a slight drop in this can cause your mental functioning to fall quite dramatically. It is therefore essential to have the right nutrition set out well in advance, to ensure your mental functioning success.

Take A GOOD Multi-Vitamin

A multi-vitamin is an excellent way to cover any nutritional deficiencies which may exist. By covering the nutritional deficiencies, you will be able to go much quicker and faster for mental success.

Free radicals, such as created by food and other means can damage your brain cells and reduce your memory. By constantly strengthening your memory and doing the things that allow for a super sharp mind, your success is a lot more easy to achieve.

Stay Away From Poor Foods

Foods, such as those which are full of harmful transfatty acids, fatty foods and junk food should be avoided as much as possible. They will put your mind into a haze very quickly and reduce your energy levels. They will also have you feeling more cloudy and fogged in your mind.

The obvious foods to stay away from are burgers, fries, pizzas, sodas and candy. All of these foods are heavily processed and won’t help you to stay in tip top condition. They also contain high levels of Omega 6, which your brain is already naturally abundant in. Consuming Omega 3 through oily fish will work a lot better here instead.

By eating healthy foods, you will feel great and your mind will be in tip top condition for success like never before. Your success in life is about eating the right foods so that you can have the top mental functioning you need to succeed.