Drops of Life: ND-03 – Pros-Alieve

Posted on Oct 2, 2019 in Health Optimization

ND-03 Pros-Alieve is a highly effective, herbal poly-peptide extract combination that temporarily but rapidly alleviates the symptoms of urinary retention and incomplete bladder emptying.

INDICATIONS AND USAGE: ND-03 Pros-Alievemay be utilized in acute or chronic conditions of the prostate which effect urinary flow including acute urinary retention due to benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH) or mass affect from prostate carcinoma. It may also help alleviate the symptoms of incomplete bladder emptying and assist in reducing the incidence of nocturia(need to wake and pass urine at night). It has further been demonstrated to decrease PSA levels in BPH and patients with prostate cancer

FUNCTION : The component poly-peptide extracts were specifically selected because of their phytochemical characteristics which appear to exhibit both progestagenic and estrogenic properties and can occupy both estrogenic and progestagenic receptors.

Competitive inhibition: As we age, hormonal levels begin to decline. In males, both testosterone (commonly recognized male hormone) and progesterone (a minor male hormone) begin to diminish. Additionally, as a result of chronic stress, estrogen levels begin to dramatically increase. Men with BPH have both elevated levels of testosteroneand estrogen. Since the prostate has estrogen receptors, and estrogen is a stress response hormone (causing cellular increases in water and calcium influx), it is beneficial to inhibit or moderate estrogen receptors and carrier proteins.

Smooth muscle relaxant: Several other problems must be considered as potentially obstructive and preventing bladder voiding. The constant BPH static pressure applied by the prostate capsule, the smooth muscle contraction around the upper urethra, and the muscle fibers swelling within the prostatic connective tissue can all contribute to the obstructive nature of BPH. Specific constituents of certain phytopharmaceuticals act as smooth muscle relaxants and can selectively relax the urethra, thereby reducing the dynamic obstruction and significantly reducing internal bladder pressure and the symptom of incomplete bladder emptying.


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