Drops of Life: ND-02 – Arth-Alieve

Posted on Oct 3, 2019 in Uncategorized

Drops of Life ND-02 Arth-Alieve is a highly effective, herbal derived, poly-peptide combination that temporarily but rapidly alleviates the symptoms of arthritic joint pain, pain from old fracture sites and at the site of prosthesis implants.

ND-02 Arth-Alieve may be utilized in acute or chronic conditions that cause any type of joint or bone pain. It has further been demonstrated to increase the range of motion and flexibility in various joints that have deteriorated due to chronic disease or chronic injury.

ND-02 Arth-Alieveis formulated using a combination of highly active, herbal poly-peptide extracts combined with and stabilized in a lipid encapsulated hydrophobic matrix. This unique combination is then delivered using a unique, proprietary trans-dermal delivery mechanism. The resulting formulation provides a high potency, convenient, rapid onset therapeutic agent for the temporary relief of arthritic joint pain, pain from old fracture sites and at the site of prosthesis implants.

The component extracts were selected because these phytochemicals exhibit numerous properties as Biological Response Modifiers. Each drop delivers the mil-equivalent of 63 milligrams of the active herbal poly-peptide extract.

How is ND-02 Arth-Alieveapplied and how do I determine if I will benefit from treatment using ND-02 Arth-Alieve?

ND-02 Arth-Alieveis applied topically to the area over the joint involved, is stored easily, and efficacy is easily established for each individual patient. Simply place a liberal number of drops over the joint involved and wait for up to 5 minutes. If the person responds to treatment, the person is a candidate for ongoing treatments using ND-02 Arth-Alieve. The transdermal delivery mechanism of ND-02 Arth-Alieveallows for excellent compliance and has no reported tolerability problems.


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