Dr. Buttar Speaking at Best Answer for Cancer in Dallas

Posted on Apr 23, 2012 in Announcements

Dr. Buttar will be speaking this weekend, Saturday April 28th at
the Best Answer for Cancer Foundations’s 10th Annual International
IPD/IPTLD Integrative Cancer Care Conference.

He will be speaking for the general public at 11:30 AM – Saturday,
April 28th at the Hilton Dallas/Southlake Town Square in Southlake,

For a complete schedule and/or to register, download this PDF file:

If you are a physician, Dr. Buttar will be speaking to Doctors at
8:00 AM.  If you are a physician, visit:
http://www.iptforcancer.com for more information about IPT For

International Organization of IPTLD Physicians (IOIP)

The IOIP was established to coordinate the efforts and
communication of the over 300 trained IPTLD providers world-wide.
Supported by Best Answer for Cancer Foundation
http://www.bestanswerforcancer.org, providers have gathered to
share information, research and collaborate on this established

IPT physicians are well aware of the great value of a holistic
platform of integrated healing modalities to support the body and
the immune system such as, but not limited to: Spirituality;
Mind/Body; Immunity; Nutrition; Detox; Lifestyle; and Exercise. The
platform is of the utmost importance, as cancer and chronic disease
treatment is most effective when it focuses on strengthening and
growing good cells rather than just killing bad ones.

Best Answer for Cancer Foundation produces an international
conference each year to share the best practices, case studies, and
evolving techniques of integrative oncology. Doctors and patients
from all over the world are encouraged to attend.

Physicians, medical professionals, and lay people who treat cancer,
have cancer, or know anybody with cancer may attend to learn more

Targeted cancer therapies: theories, case studies, clinical
trials, and IRB-approved scientific studies

Integrative oncology and what it is comprised of

Integrated and comprehensive healing techniques and tools

Mind/body medicine; diet and nutrition; and toxins/detox as
they relate to cancer and chronic diseases

What it means to build a personal holistic healing platform

Seeing first-hand the tools, products, techniques and
technologies of integrative oncology and holistic healing