Don’t Stop Giving Thanks When the Holiday Ends — Give Yourself the Gift of Gratitude Year-Round!

Posted on Nov 28, 2019 in Uncategorized

We all need to give ourselves the gift of gratitude year-round. You don’t have to announce what you’re grateful for publicly to reap the benefits.

Sleep-deprived new moms think about the joy of watching their precious babies breathe. People facing conflict in their jobs think about how fortunate they are to be employed. Caregivers of elderly parents learn to cherish moments of humor and insights that they never would have had without that experience.

The proof isn’t just anecdotal.

Experts like Robert A. Emmons, founding editor of The Journal of Positive Psychology, have tested the power of gratitude using the rigor of science. Emmons found that participants in an experiment who listed reasons they were grateful saw improvements in their mood and interpersonal relationships.

Still, there’s nothing like trying it yourself. If you have never kept a gratitude journal, or perhaps if you’ve lapsed, why not make a fresh start this Thanksgiving? As others wind down their month of gratitude, you can begin a lifelong, life-changing habit.

Exerpts from Huffington Post