Do You Know All About The Benefits Of Flax Seed Oil?

Posted on Dec 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

by John Robinson

The benefits of flax seed oil are many. It has been seen that flax seed oil is the answer to many diseases. Sold in the form of a liquid, it has to be kept in the fridge at all times. Flax seed is beneficial in preventing problems of the heart and even to fight the dreadful cancer disease. High cholesterol and high blood pressure can easily be controlled by the use of flax seed oil.

What do flax seed oil contain that is so beneficial? Well, flax seed oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are the direct requirement of the body. Our body is unable to manufacture omega-3 fatty acids and hence we must take enough supplements to provide the desired levels to the body. Flax seed oil can be taken to complete the requirements of the body. Since the benefits of flax seed oil are many, it will help to allay many diseases.

Fight Against Cancer And Other Infections

Flax seed oil is a storehouse of lignans, which are necessary to fight against cancer. Besides cancer, lignans also guard against certain bacterial and viral infections. But perhaps the benefits of flax seed oil are best observed in heart diseases. It lowers cholesterol and triglycerides ensuring the smooth flow of blood in our body. It also maintains the blood pressure which is another source of coronary heart disease. Since it controls the very factors leading to heart diseases, taking required amounts of flax seed oil is extremely necessary.

Fight Against Gout And Stomach Problems

The benefits of flax seed oil even encompass the dreaded gout disease. Flax seed oil lessens the inflammation and swellings leading to sudden and severe joint pain in gout. By taking controlled quantities of flax seed oil, you can prevent or cure the pain caused by this disease. Flax seed oil also finds mention in treating problems relating to digestion. It can make an upset stomach alright and even helps to cure constipation. In fact, it helps to condition the digestion and keep it problem-free.

The Answer To Cosmetic Problems

Flax seed oil is an important ingredient in treating many skin problems associated with the bright appearance of a person. Eczema, acne and sunburns can all be treated with flax seed oil. You can also take the oil for luxurious hair growth and perfect nails. You might also end up losing a good many years and looking very young. Aching and injured skin can be relieved by taking flax seed oil. Dry skin can even be softened by the application of flax seed oil directly to the area.

Flax Seed Oil Is Not Always Beneficial

While outlining the benefits of flax seed oil, we must not forget to beware of the potential hazards of it. Flax seed oil is not easy to store and becomes rancid in a few days. It is the harbinger of many allergic reactions. If you are taking any other medicines for the treatment of some disease, then you need to consult a doctor before embarking on a trial intake of flax seed oil, as it may give rise to risky reactions. Pregnant women or women breastfeeding their babies need to take the doctors advice before taking flax seed oil.

The benefits of flax seed oil are many. But taking it under medical supervision is a must. The proper dose must also be known for flax seed oil to manifest itself as a true life-saver.

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