Desiree Jennings and her doctor share about her rapid recovery from vaccine toxicity injury

Posted on Nov 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

November 7, 10:24 PMMiami Holistic Health ExaminerJed Shlackman

Dr. Rashid Buttar began working with neurologically impaired Desiree Jennings after being connected with her by Generation Rescue, the organization supported by Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey in its work raising awareness about biomedical autism treatments and hazards of vaccines. Jennings’ condition, diagnosed as dystonia, appeared about 10 days after she received a flu shot at a local grocery store. The debilitating condition stumped conventional doctors, who claim they have no cure for dystonia, a condition usually triggered by injury or poisoning. Fanatical defenders of vaccines have claimed Desiree’s condition was psychogenic in nature, essentially saying it was created by her mind. That is a hypothesis that can’t be proven and is only made based on ruling out any possible physical level cause. In this case, there was the obvious likely biochemical trigger of the influenza vaccine, which contains a toxic heavy metal compound as a preservative.

According to Desiree’s website, She has “been diagnosed by her treating physician, Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, with a number of conditions including but not limited to Acute, Viral Post Immunization Encephalopathy and Mercury Toxicity with secondary respiratory and neurological deficits.” The statement on Desiree’s site continues “The treatments with Dr. Buttar at the Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research in Charlotte, NC are working, and the results are nothing short of amazing. Jennings can now walk and talk normally throughout the vast majority of the day and the seizures/convulsions have significantly decreased. Although her full recovery will take an undetermined amount of time, her family is now for the first time, convinced she will make a complete recovery. She is now more than ever, driven by a desire to educate others to be informed of the potential side effects caused by vaccines and prevent others from suffering a similar fate.”

Dr. Buttar has spoken publicly on a radio show, sharing about his experience treating Desiree and assisting in her recovery. There are many physicians and alternative medicine practitioners using detoxification and biomedical model therapies to help people recover from vaccine-triggered illnesses such as those suffered by Jennings. Autism has drawn a great deal of attention in this regard, yet many additional illnesses are likely fostered by vaccines or other toxic exposures.