Corn Found As Key Ingredient In All Types Of Fast Food

Posted on Nov 22, 2008 in Health & Wellness

 A new study has found that corn is the key ingredient in just about all types of fast food.The study was led by A. Hope Jahren from the University of Hawaii, along with colleague Rebecca Kraft.

For the study, they looked at 480 different types of food products from fast food chains.

The fast food chains included were made up of the three major chains in the fast food industry.

They were located in Boston, Baltimore, Denver, San Francisco, Detroit, as well as Los Angeles.

They carried out the study on the fast food by looking at how it was made, and its meat origins.

What they discovered was that the animals’ diet used by fast food chains was predominantly made up of corn, as they found high levels of both carbon and nitrogen.

By feeding them corn, they are able to fatten up the cattle in a very short period of time.

Corn oil was also found in the french fries at Wendy’s locations, while McDonald’s and Burger King used vegetable oils.

With obesity continuing to spike in the U.S., along with increases in diabetes and heart disease, this is a shocking find to say the least.

Their findings have been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.