Colorado Bill Will Restrict Personal Belief Exemption

Posted on Mar 5, 2014 in Vaccines

NVIC Colorado State Advocacy Director Cindy Loveland stands in front of one of the buses in the Denver historic district featuring an NVIC ad educating city residents and visitors about the need to make informed vaccine decisions.

As a resident of Colorado if you want to protect your right to take a personal belief exemption to vaccination for your child to attend daycare or school without suffering harassment from the state, you need to contact your state representative and senator today and make your voice heard on HB 1288. You also need to attend a public hearing on Thursday, March 13 at 1:30 p.m. in the Colorado House of Representatives House Health, Insurance and Environment Committee in Room 0107 of the State Capitol and sign up for the free NVIC Advocacy Portal to stay up to date on what happens with this bill.  

Making It Harder for Parents To File A Vaccine Exemption

Colorado House Bill 1288 (HB 1288) was introduced into the state House of Representatives by Representative Dan Pabon (D-District 4) on Feb. 20, 2014.  Co-sponsoring the bill are Representatives Lois Court (D-District 6); Cory Gardner (R-District 4); Cheri Gerou (R-District 25): Jeanne Labuda (D-District 1); Elizabeth McCann (D-District 8); Frank McNulty (R-District 43); Cherilyn Peniston (D-District-35); Sue Schafer (D-District-24) and Senators Lucia Guzman (D-District-34); Nancy Todd (D-District-28) and Jessie Ulibarri (D-District-21).

The bill will make it harder for parents to file and obtain a personal belief exemption to vaccination for their children to attend daycare or school. The bill will also require all daycare centers and schools to publicly release the percentage of children at the daycare center or school with personal belief vaccine exemptions.

State Health Officials Get More Authority

If HB 1288 passes, it will legally require parents choosing to delay or exempt their child from one or more of the vaccines required for school for personal belief reasons to first:

  • Submit a “certificate of completion” to the daycare or school that the parent has completed an online vaccine education module developed by state health officials; OR
  • Obtain a signature from a physician or other state-approved vaccine provider or an authorized representative of the state health department certifying that the parent has received state-approved vaccine education.

The bill gives authority to state health department officials to determine the content of the information and how often parents will have to submit to the new requirements.

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