CHROMIUM:Sparkling health for your life and living!

Posted on May 23, 2013 in Health & Wellness, Health Optimization, Medical Rewind

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A Book on Chromium by Chris Barr

Following is the introduction to CHROMIUM:Sparkling health for your life and living!

All that glitters is not gold Chromium glitters, too….

If it is true that good health is worth more than great wealth then chromium is more valuable than gold.

Within the dark recesses of the womb, egg and sperm unite, and the conception of new life occurs. The subsequent process of mitosis accelerates, and this cell division progresses to a differentiation of cells which results in a fetus and culminates at the entrance into the world of a healthy, beautiful, human infant.

At birth, this infant has a brain that is still in a state of rapid development. The brain will reach most of its adult size in only a few years. The child grows, full of energy and life, and journeys through adolescence to adulthood. Energies may decrease throughout the twenties and thirties as one settles into a sedentary or comfortable lifestyle around the age of forty. Weight gain may creep up on or even overwhelm one through this period of time. One may now find that eyesight is not what it once was, and eyeglasses become necessary. One slowly comes to the realization of going over the proverbial hill.

As one proceeds down the hill it becomes apparent that various body mechanisms are becoming inefficient. Diabetes, and/or heart disease sneak up on you. One hopes to avoid the scourge of the Big C – cancer. One finds it necessary to slow down the pace of living even further.

All of the above are considered normal parts of growing up and subsequent ravages of the process of aging. Is this accurate? One element is a key to this voyage, from the initiation of life in the womb, until the conclusion of life at death. This most valuable element is the mineral chromium that is the subject of this writing.

The pages that follow will take you through a journey from genesis through revelation. You may just discover that chromium is the most important nutrient discovered to date.

Chris has been involved for over three decades in research with GTF Chromium and its relationship to diabetes. His passion is teaching others the truth about diabetes and the use of the proper whole food source Chromium. Robert Scott Bells passion is bringing to the airways folks like Chris Barr who will speak the truth on major health issues.

Here is a direct quote from Chris Barrs book on Chromium. CAUTION: When one is already insulin-dependent it complicates things. GTF chromium increases the efficiency of insulin. In other words it reduces the need for insulin. Eventually it my eliminate the need for insulin altogether. Since GTF chromium increases the efficiency of insulin it is necessary for insulin dependent diabetics to monitor their blood sugar levels more carefully than usual. This is not because GTF chromium is a problem. It is because GTF Whole Food chromium is so efficient that it can cause insulin needs to be reduced.