Child dies after Polio, DPT and Hep-B shots in India – Vaccine business as usual

Posted on May 24, 2012 in Medical Rewind, Vaccines

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Mumbai- In another case of death following vaccination, an Indian child died after getting vaccination for polio and other diseases collectively called DPT.
The incident happened on Thursday in Dahisar, a suburb of Mumbai city, where 3-month-old Megha Devkari died hours after she was vaccinated orally for polio and injected two other vaccines, which were for Hepatitis-B and DPT. Times of India reports that the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has responded to the complaint of the dead child’s parents by stopping the use of the particular batch of vaccines with which Megha was vaccinated.
Another post in Times of India informed the same day that the bereaved parents have blamed the vaccine shots for the infant’s death. The child’s body has been sent for forensic testing. In the meantime, civic authorities running the vaccination campaign told the paper that the child might have died by “some other complications”. The paper reports that the police have registered a case of accidental death.
In a similar case in India, occurring in February this year, four infants were reported dying soon after getting the oral polio vaccination and shots for Hepatitis and DPT while last year in Chennai, the death news of a two-year-old, soon after he was given oral polio vaccine, reportedly caused panic in the state. In India’s next-door neighbor Pakistan, a five-year-old girl also lost her life soon after she was vaccinated for polio in November last year.
Concerns have recently been raised over the continued use of oral polio vaccine in the third world, given that it was banned in the US in 2000 due to serious health risks. An article in Times of India, last year, pointed to the rising incidence of deaths soon after vaccination and the government’s failure in getting to the bottom of the problem.
Source:Digital Journal