Chains' meal calories found higher than stated

Posted on Jan 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Michael Hill, Associated Press

Dieters can’t believe everything they read: The food at many popular chain restaurants and in the freezer section of the supermarket may contain a lot more calories than advertised.

A study of 10 chain restaurants, including Wendy’s and P.F. Chang’s, found that the number of calories in 29 meals or other items was an average of 18 percent higher than listed.

Researchers involved in the study said most of the discrepancies can be explained by variations in ingredients and sizes.

The study, published in this month’s Journal of the American Dietetic Association, said most of the food tested fell within the 20 percent margin of error allowed by the Food and Drug Administration.

Domino’s large thin-crust cheese pizza, came in low, while P.F. Chang’s large Sichuan-style asparagus had more than double the 200 calories it was supposed to have.

Starting next January, restaurant chains with more than 20 locations in California must post calorie data on menus.

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