California delivers on toxic strawberries

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Monday, January 10, 2011 by: Kim Evans, citizen journalist


(NaturalNews) In a time of intense propaganda about food safety, California recently approved the use of a chemical regularly used to create cancer in lab animals for use on strawberries that will be shipped around the world. The chemical is methyl iodide and some scientists call it the most dangerous chemical known to man. Scientists use protective gear when using it in the lab because of the cancer risk and the chemical’s easy ability to damage our DNA. Of course, damaged DNA leads to problems for the holder of that DNA, and for all future generations that inherit it too. The chemical is also known to cause brain and reproductive damage, so it’s a move that California has made to ensure strawberries will be about as unsafe as possible.

It’s also a move that calls into question what exactly food safety is all about. In a lot of minds, having produce that isn’t grown in a toxic soup of poisons would be a very logical first step. Getting rid of factory farms that improperly feed and drug the animals, pollute the air and water, and turn out diseased animals would be another logical step. Instead, the government supports these activities and allows even more toxic chemicals into our food supply, like methyl iodide – in spite of consumer and scientific community protest.

Scientists have assured us that using methyl iodide on strawberries will mean it will end up in California’s groundwater. And groundwater makes up over 30 percent of the water delivered to California homes. California water already has numerous poisons in it and even if people drink purified water, it’s common to absorb about a gallon of water with each shower.

California regulators have failed to look at what this will do to the future of California and California’s children. In years to come, it’s unlikely property values will maintain, when even more of the population is developing cancer due to this cancer-causing chemical being pumped into homes as drinking water. Just ask residents of Pompton Lakes, New Jersey. It’s a DuPont factory town with poisoned groundwater and an uncanny number of residents with cancer – and they’re finding it’s really hard to sell their homes.…

Some Native Americans live by the principle of seven generations. This means they look at how their actions today affect the population seven generations down the line. Today, lawmakers often have trouble looking even one generation down the line. If they did, decisions like this one to use poisons in the food supply would never be made.

It’s a sad reflection of the state of consciousness of legislators and 700 California strawberry farmers that would just as soon poison the population, as try something different. A process called soil solarization has been shown to be just as effective in improving crop yield and controlling pests as the use of dangerous chemicals like methyl iodide. And soil solarization only involves covering the fields with plastic tarps for a few weeks before planting to heat the soils. The heating process effectively destroys many pathogens and it also releases beneficial nutrients from the soil. Solarization is also less expensive for farmers than chemical treatments, which is a bonus, but when it comes down to whether or not to poison the Earth and population, cost shouldn’t be the dominate factor.

If strawberries are grown without toxic chemicals, they’re very healthy foods. They’re known to protect our cells and heart and they have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties too. Strawberries are actually the most popular berry fruit in the world – and ninety percent of the strawberries eaten in the U.S. are grown in California.




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