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Terry Chappell, MD 
Celebration of Health Association 
Bluffton, Ohio 
  Memory loss and inability to think clearly are common complaints, especially co-existing with fatigue. Usually they are associated with toxicity (especially lead, mercury and aluminum), yeast imbalance, or food and chemical sensitivities, These are all easily detected through testing, but frequently the tests are not performed and thus the patient’s complaint is inadequately treated. Proper treatment can be highly effective, if done comprehensively. Chelating agents, anti-fungals, probiotics, special diet and desensitization are common therapies that must be offered. After a few months of these therapies, plus good nutritional supplements, and sometimes much sooner, major changes might be detected by the patient. 
  Autism therapy is guided by the Defeat Autism Now protocol that is available on the internet. Some of the common additional treatments include methylcobalamin (B12 shots), a grain-free and milk-free diet, homeopathics, amino acids orally or by shot and hyperbaric oxygen. 
  Alzheimer’s, Parkinsonism, and Multiple Sclerosis can be treated effectively by balancing neurotransmitters and improving cell membrane receptor sites. Intravenous glutathione given in high doses at home can be helpful. Oxidative scavengers are useful. High doses of CoEnzyme Q10 and vitamin E might help, as can low doses of Naltrexone, which is a medicine that reverses narcotic overdoses. Intravenous phosphatidyl choline can be useful, as can very high doses of B12 intravenously and vitamin C. The latter formula is particularly helpful for various neuropathies, including diabetic neuropathy. 
Helpful oral preparations include niacinamide, lipothiamin, CDP choline, neurotone, and various substances that enhance glutathione production in the body. 
  A brain that is not functioning well often needs a comprehenisve approach that is individualized. There are many potential causes and there are many solutions, some of which must be given together in order to get the best result.