“The Case of Baby Carson: more than just a question of goat’s milk”

Posted on Aug 29, 2013 in Medical Rewind

 by John Calvin Jones, PhD, JD

Young Alorah Gellerson (pronounced JELL-er-son), might not fit the mold of the kind of mother idolized by media – e.g., a British royal, or a 40-something power mom of the corporate class – but she knows enough to protect her child from toxic vaccines, and GMO-laden frankenfoods.  Still, her wisdom, her committed partner – who allows her to be a stay-at-home mother, and her family support were not enough for the overlords of Child Protective Services in Maine.  Now Alorah, her finaceé Dustin Powers, and their family need to fight to keep their baby, all because Alorah naively trusted agents of the State.

Getting pregnant at age 16, Alorah, with the advice of family, thought it was safest to get State assistance just in case the process called for emergency medical services.  Her son, Carson, was born on May 7, 2013, seven weeks premature, but healthy.  Like clockwork, when Carson was a month old, Alorah was called to bring him in to the Ellsworth Family Practice clinic.  Though Alorah assumed that the doctors only wanted to see how well the infant was progressing, at the clinic, their doctor Tasha Hofmann, starting pushing vaccines.  Alorah said no thank you, and left with her healthy son.

Still Alorah was also enrolled in WIC – the Women, Infants, and Children program that is supposed to provide a number of benefits, from food to breastfeeding advice.  One day in July, Alorah went to the local WIC office and the staff asked the young mother how she was getting along and if the baby were breastfeeding.  Alorah explained that she had transitioned Carson from human breastmilk to a nutritious goat’s milk-based formula, that she and her mother had invented.

The response seemed innocent enough.  In fact, one could imagine that Alorah thought that she was providing valuable information to the WIC office, that in turn would be passed on to other new mothers and their babies.  Instead, Alorah’s gift started a cascading nightmare of threats by the State that they might kidnap Carson – on the grounds that the child is being abused and or is in mortal danger.

Unbeknownst to Alorah, after her discussion about the goat’s milk, the WIC office called the Department of Health and Human Services and or Child Protective Services.  Who knows what was said, but by the next day, Tasha Hofmann, DO, called Alorah to demand that the mother bring Carson, to Hofmann’s private practice, to be examined.  Alorah was taken aback.  Hofmann had seen Carson previously – the only time that Carson had ever been to see any doctor.  The reason was simple – he was never sick.  And he had never been vaccinated.

Reluctantly, Alorah brought Carson to Hofmann, who pushed vaccines, again.  But of course, what was the real reason that a medical doctor would need ask to see a baby?  Ostensibly it was to investigate whether the child were thriving, or in need of medical attention and assistance.  After all, Carson was a premie.  It should have been no surprise to Hofmann, but as expected, the unvaccinated baby, feeding on goat’s milk, was and is thriving.

Nevertheless, after Alorah left Hofmann office, the doctor called DHHS and reported that Carson was is grave danger.1  Two days later, on August 1, 2013, Christy Leighton (a CPS worker) came to Alorah’s house, demanding that the mother take the child, a week shy of three months, to a CPS-approved MD immediately.  In fact, for some inexplicable reason, Leighton wanted Alorah to take Carson back to see Hofmann.

At this point, Alorah knew that something was wrong.  Instinct and commonsense told this teenage mother that Dr. Hofmann had bad intentions.  After all, Hofmann had a problem with Carson drinking a homemade baby formula, and the fact that Alorah eschewed vaccines.  So Alorah called her mother for help.

Tania (Tan-YA) Allen, Alorah’s mother, negotiated with Leighton.  If CPS were so concerned for the child’s safety, perhaps the family could take Carson to a more-trusted family doctor, a Dr. Rice?  And the CPS worker agreed.

The family brought Carson to see Dr. Rice on Friday, 2 August 2013.  Carson had a physical at 6:00 pm and Rice made a report to DHHS wherein he stated that Carson was fit and healthy.

Mother and Grandma thought that the invasive moves of some overzealous or misguided CPS employees were to end with the clean bill of health from Dr. Rice, but the family was still cautious.  Given the tenor of Dr. Hofmann and the CPS worker, the family thought that they should buy some commercial, soy-based formula to feed Carson for Saturday, just to appease the agents of the State.  Unsurprisingly, Carson, a healthy baby who had never been poisoned with GMOs or processed foods, frequently spit up the soy-based formula and was noticeably constipated.

Things took another strange turn when on Monday, August 4, 2013, Christy Leighton came to the house, and informed Alorah that Carson was seriously ill.  Bewildered, the family listened while Leighton, who knew that Carson was actually healthy and thriving, announced that a Child Abuse expert, Lawrence Ricci, MD, on staff at the Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, Maine, filed a report claiming that Carson was in desperate need of medical attention.  However, Ricci had never seen baby Carson.  Ricci’s assessment was based on a review of Dr. Rice’s report (the positive one), a review of the initial complaint from the vaccine pusher Dr. Tasha Hofmann, and a description of the family’s homemade goat’s milk infant-formula.

So on Monday, August 5, 2013, CPS worker, Christy Leighton, demanded that Alorah admit Carson to the hospital for observation.  Alorah went and stayed with Carson over night.  The hospital staff took Carson’s blood and ran tests.  But of course, the next day, the hospital found no cause, and released Carson.

Unbelievably, even though Carson was cleared to leave with his mother, within 48 hours of the hospital stay and observation, Leighton came back to Alorah’s residence and informed Alorah that on September 5, 2013, Carson has an appointment with specialists.  Alorah was to deliver Carson to the another medical center, in Bangor, Maine – nearly 90 minutes from their home in Brooklin – for an assessment by Lawrence Ricci!  Yes, the very man who declared, sight unseen, that Carson was so severely neglected and or abused that he had to be admitted to a hospital.

At present, the family is seeking to allay any concerns of sincere DHHS agents, CPS workers, and or others in the medical field.  They also got another MD to review Carson’s health.  Her name is Zoe Tenney, of Blue Hill, Maine.  Unlike Hofmann, Tenney respects parents who refuse vaccines.  On      Thursday, August 15, 2013, Tenney said Carson was doing great.  More importantly, Tenney told the family that she never would have made any reports to DHHS or CPS – because it is obvious that Carson is healthy, loved, and thriving.

Recall, Carson was born about seven weeks premature.  Though not tiny, he was only about 4.5 lbs at birth.  But in the three months since, his weight as increased steadily.  Now over 11 lbs (over 5 kilograms) and more than 21 inches in length, according to growth charts from the CDC, Carson is right around the 30th percentile in weight and length.  Such seems about right given that both Carson’s mother (Alorah Gellerson) and father (Dustin Powers) are small of build.

Inexplicably, Christy Leighton is making daily contacts now – demanding private medical records and asking about the baby’s diet.  She has seen that he is thriving.  What does this CPS really want?

What does the family need now?

In sum, they need truth-tellers and oath-keepers.  The family has reached out to Maine’s legislature, those who oversee DHHS and CPS.  As the first department of government, the members of the State House can direct CPS and DHHS to call off the dogs.  If not for political reasons, pragmatic concerns to take precedence now.  After all, of all the babies in Maine, truly needing assistance, Carson is not one of them.  If two licensed MDs say that the baby is fit, and see no signs that Alorah is a bad mother, why should the experts at the Child Abuse Clinic waste their time?

Then again, what if someone at CPS is set upon wresting the healthy, unvaccinated child from his fair-haired mother?  We know how CPS and or the staff at the Child Abuse Clinic at the hospital would operate.  Either they would demand that Alorah hand over Carson – without a fuss, or they would call the cops and take the baby with force.  Hence the family needs, sheriffs, deputies, and police – committed to supporting the Constitution, parental rights, and religious freedom to raise a child, without vaccines and without GMO soy – to be another line of defense.

Local media has interviewed the mother, Alorah, and grandmother, Tania Allen, but they have not confronted CPS, DHHS, or Tasha Hofmann – the first MD in the mix, so outraged that a young mother would be so wise as to keep her child free from toxic vaccines and so resourceful to make a natural breastmilk substitute.  Media has not contacted Lawrence Ricci – an MD so unethical as to insist an infant is so severely neglected as to demand immediate hospitalization – without ever seeing the child?

Among other things, the press should get CPS, DHHS representatives, and Ricci at the Child Abuse Clinic to swear out an affidavit that under no circumstances will they allege that Carson is at risk, unsafe, being neglected or abused because the family refuses to vaccinate.

We urge well-wishers and people of conscience to call CPS and DHHS offices both in the local offices around Brooklin, Maine, and the Capital in Augusta.  Similarly the public should call police and sheriffs in Brooklin, Maine, and Portland (where the Child Abuse Clinic of Dr. Ricci is).  Let them know that there is no need to harass this family any longer; that there is no need for the family to bring Carson to a Child Abuse Clinic at any hospital – much less one three hours away.  And people should explain that law enforcement needs to be on notice that if called upon, they must stand WITH Alorah and refuse any CPS requests to kidnap baby Carson.

Contact for media, legal assistance, and law enforcement:  Ms. Tania Allen (pronounced Tan-yA).  Grandmother of Baby Carson, mother of Alorah Gellerson (pronounced JELL-er-son). E-mail:  tania.allen73@yahoo.com