Autism Spectrum Disorders

Posted on Jan 11, 2012 in Autism

Common Sense about Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Autism has a number of causes – which means you can do something to help reverse it and improve the life of your child.

This report will teach you what the various causes are of autism or autism spectrum disorder. There are at least 13 different causes or conditions that lead to the development of autism. A particular case of autism is not caused by all these conditions, but many of the causes will be involved in the development of autism or an autism spectrum disorder in your child.

We call this common sense because what goes on all too often in the medical field regarding autism has nothing to do with common sense. All too often you are told that autism is mostly caused by genetics, possibly with some environmental causes too. And even worse, that there is little to do about it, or to prevent it. It seems that just about everyone in the standard medical field says, with little evidence to back it up, that vaccines have nothing to do with autism. All this flies in the face of common sense. Why?

A great number of children have significantly improved or even been cured by taking vigorous actions with supplements and therapies. This would not and could not happen if autism was primarily genetic, if there is nothing you can do since it’s genetic. Unfortunately, because drugs are ineffective in dealing with autism, and may even help cause it, the traditional medical world all to often says there is nothing to do.

This is not the case. Many many MDs and health professionals have been able to successfully help autistic children improve, sometimes greatly. If this can happen with even one autistic child or adult, it can happen with any person with autism.

It is a basic tenant of the scientific method that any hypotheses, such as autism is primarily genetic and as a consequence there is nothing to do about it, is disproved when even one event proves it to be false. The hundreds of children who have recovered from autism each disprove or falsify the theory that there is nothing you can do about autism.

Even though that theory has effectively been disproved many times, it persists because, unfortunately, modern medical treatments are anything but scientific. Drugs are a big, money making business. You and your children are victims, as is everyone using non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, statins, osteoporosis drugs, and just about any drug there is on the market.

To put it simply, drugs don’t work well and have many harmful side effects because they are modified from nature so that they can be patented. Our bodies are designed to only use nutrients that are natural. Anything not natural, like drugs, and genetically modified foods, chemicals and the whole onslaught of manmade toxins we have created, has toxic side effects in the body.

Again, to put it simply, an autistic child has been over-exposed to these toxins. There is no way further toxins, in the form of drugs, are going to correct this issue. And they don’t. Which is why the mainstream medical profession is so ineffective in dealing with autism. It can’t possibly work. So rather than admit that their approach is stupid, unscientific and backwards, they claim that autism is primarily genetic and that there is little or nothing you can do to help your child.

As easily thousands of children with autism have improved over the years, with some becoming normal again, to say that nothing can be done, other than giving a few drugs to help with the symptoms, lacks common sense, and is a barbaric way to treat, or should we say, not treat, someone with autism or autism spectrum disorders.

Just because your doctor knows of little to do, don’t feel that there is nothing you can do to improve autism or autism spectrum disorders. Too many people with autism have been improved as the underlying causes are dealt with, for this to be true. Your child will get better too, if you take significant and appropriate action. There is no way they couldn’t. This is just plain common sense.

This report is going to help you identify what the best actions to take are, what needs to be done to improve your child. We start out by covering the causes of autism.

The Causes of Autism

If it was just one thing that caused autism, autism might be easy to correct. Someone would discover the cause, and then a particular solution could be developed to rectify the situation. Unfortunately, this will never be the case as there are multiple causes of autism. In fact, several things have to happen for autism to develop.

We will cover these causes in this section of the report. Many times health practitioners focus on just a few of these causes. This usually will not be enough. And it can get overwhelming, if you start looking into what the research is showing about autism, to decide what is most important to focus on.

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