Autism Mercury Link – What Causes Autism?

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Is there an Autism Mercury Vaccine Link? Watch the Videos and YOU Decide!

A coverup for a cause of Autism?

RFK Jr. explans how ingredient in vaccines may have contributed to spread
updated 6:15 p.m. ET, Wed., June. 22, 2005

Six out of every 1,000 kids has autism, and nobody knows exactly why. But guest Robert F. Kennedy Jr., said in an interview on the ‘Scarborough Country’ program on Tuesday that part of the blame needs to fall on the government.¬† It has to do with a drug called Thimerosal.

Kennedy Jr., a senior attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Counsel, and author of “Deadly Immunity,” an article about the investigation into a possible connection between Thimerosal and Autism in the current issue of Rolling Stone, talked with Joe about his findings.

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SCARBOROUGH: Let’s talk about Thimerosal. … There are a lot of people, a lot of Americans very concerned about the impact of this drug, which is found in vaccines, and how it causes autism.¬† Talk about that.

KENNEDY:¬† That’s right. Thimerosal is a preservative that was put in vaccines back in the 1930s.¬† Almost immediately after it was put in, autism cases began to appear.¬† Autism had never been known before.¬† It was unknown to science.¬† Then the vaccines were increased in 1989 by the CDC and by a couple of other government agencies.

SCARBOROUGH:¬† OK, let me stop you there.¬† That’s an important date.¬† And I will tell you why.

My son, born in 1991, has a slight form of autism called Asperger`s.  When I was practicing law and also when I was in Congress, parents would constantly come to me and they would bring me videotapes of their children, and they were all around the age of my son or younger.  So, something happened in 1989.

KENNEDY:  Exactly.   What happened was the vaccine schedule was increased.  We went up from receiving about 10 vaccines in our generation to these kids receive 24 vaccines.  And they all had this Thimerosal in them, this mercury.  And nobody bothered to do an analysis of what the cumulative impact of all that mercury was doing to kids.

As it turns out, we are injecting our children with 400 times the amount of mercury that FDA or EPA considers safe.  A child on his first day that he is born is injected with a Hepatitis B shot.  Under EPA guidelines, he would have to be 275 pounds to safely absorb that shot.

SCARBOROUGH:  And yet, we are just constantly pumping our kids with these vaccines.  Where is the federal government in all of this?

KENNEDY:  What happened was that, in 1988, one in every 2,500 American children had autism.  Today, one in every 166 children has autism. And, plus, one in six have other kinds of learning disorders, other kinds of neurological disorders, speech delay, language disorders, ADD, hyperactivity, that all seem to be connected, that are all connected, the science shows are all connected to autism — to Thimerosal.

SCARBOROUGH:¬† You know, Bobby, what we’ve always found, you and could debate 1,000 different issues, whether it’s Terri Schiavo or the environment.¬† I think we would agree on the environment.¬† But, in this case, you have got the federal government coming in saying, well, there’s no good science.¬† And, of course, in politics, science always gets diluted.¬† Why hasn’t the federal government stepped up and worked more, because listen, Bobby, I can’t prove it tonight.¬† You can’t prove it, but, intuitively, you look at the spike.¬† You look at what happened with Thimerosal.¬† There’s no doubt in my mind ‚Äî maybe it’s two years from now.¬† Maybe it’s five years from now.¬† Maybe it’s 10 years from now.¬† We are going to find out Thimerosal causes, in my opinion, autism.

KENNEDY:  You know what?  The science is out there today for anybody who bothers to read it.  And I have read it.  Actually, on my Web site this week,, I am publishing an article that goes through all of the science.

But the science is clear.¬† And what happens is, I read the science at first.¬† And there’s literally hundreds and hundreds of studies that connect Thimerosal to these disastrous neurological disorders.¬† Then I went, I talked to the scientists.¬† Then I went and I talked to the federal bureaucrats who are defending Thimerosal. And I said, what are you relying on?¬† And I looked at the science they are relying on.¬† And I can tell you, Joe, it is so weak.¬† And you and I have seen, in the legal practice, junk science.¬† And we know what these phony scientists are who create this stuff.

SCARBOROUGH:  It happened in big tobacco.

KENNEDY:  Right.  Tobacco.

SCARBOROUGH:¬† It happens in big oil. It’s happening in global warming.¬† And now it’s happening in a way that is impacting our kids` lives.

KENNEDY:¬† This is classic tobacco science.¬† It is junk science.¬† And I was looking at these reports and saying, this is the best?¬† This is what you are relying on?¬† They know it’s fraudulent.¬† And now we have the transcripts.

SCARBOROUGH:¬† Explain.¬† Explain it to me, Bobby, OK?¬† Explain it to me.¬† If that’s the case ‚Äî I mean, you and I both know about politics, obviously.

Politicians like to get reelected.  Why are they sitting back — if our children are being poisoned, if the science is there.  Why are they sitting back and letting our children be poisoned?

KENNEDY:  Because the same regulatory bureaucrats that green-lighted Thimerosal originally are now trying to cover their tracks.

SCARBOROUGH:¬† It’s a CYA operation.

KENNEDY:  Right.  Are they are working with the pharmaceutical industry.  And we now have the transcripts of the secret meeting that they did in Simpsonwood, Georgia, in the year 2000.

And it’s the most horrifying thing that you can read, Joe.¬† There are scientists there from the government who are saying ‚Äî who are reading the reports and saying, this is undeniable.¬† There’s no way we can ever deny this.¬† I am not going to give this to my children, but now let’s hide this from the American people.¬† And it’s that clear.

And this is what I write about.¬† It’s this language that I write about in the “Rolling Stone” and the “Salon” piece that is so shocking, where we have the guys who are supposed to be protecting Americans` health who are actually conspiring to keep this stuff in the vaccines.

SCARBOROUGH:¬† You know, and I can’t say what lawsuit we were both involved in.¬† I don’t want to say it.¬† But it reminds me of a lawsuit we were involved in a couple years ago regarding water quality, where you know the people that polluted in our community and then left our community would have never drank the water that our children grew up drinking.¬† And it’s a disaster.¬† It’s a disgrace.

So, hey, Bobby, thanks for being here tonight.¬† If you can come back, we need to talk more about this.¬† And I also want to talk about — and I am going to hold up the book now.¬† We actually lured Bobby in to say that we were going to talk to him about this book.¬† But, actually, he said he wanted to talk about this instead.¬†¬† I appreciate you being here, Bobby, as always.¬† And let’s get you back.

KENNEDY:  Thanks a lot, Joe.

SCARBOROUGH:¬† And let’s get you running for a public office.¬† I will defend your honor whenever any Republican says anything nasty.

KENNEDY:  Well, that counts for a lot.  Thanks a lot, Joe.

SCARBOROUGH:  Yes, that and a quarter, right, will get you a cup of coffee.

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It‚Äôs a controversial topic that many medical professionals won’t touch. Can childhood vaccinations be the cause of Autism in some children? We sat down with one local family who shared their story on how they believe their two children developed Autism after they were vaccinated.

Barbara and Butch Labrecque look through picture of their kids and can’t help but wonder if they only knew what they know now. Their first son Jonny was born a normal and healthy boy, very strong and very alert. But, after Jonny received his four month shots he became very ill with chronic diarrhea. Doctors ruled out different allergies or colic. “We hospitalized him we questioned if it could be the vaccine at that point because he just had his vaccine right before that episode and we were told no” according to Barbara Labrecque. It was after his 12 month immunization that Jonny seem to be getting worse. Barbara said “the diarrhea came back within a week we saw that he slowly started to lose his developmental functions, he suddenly was not the happy playful joyful baby and little toddler anymore he was very removed” The Labrecque’s say several development professions diagnosed Jonny with Autism.

It was a little more then a year and a half after Jonny was born that the Labrecque‚Äôs celebrated the birth of their second child Sierra. They were determined not to have her vaccinated. But say they were forced by their doctor to do so. Barbara said ‚ÄúThey took Sierra from my arms and they vaccinated her that very night she swelled up like a watermelon and turned purple red from head to toe body rash‚Äù. Within a week Sierra was rushed upstate to Rochester Children‚Äôs Hospital fighting for her life, her liver was failing and organs were seriously damaged, Doctors didn’t think she would survive.

“We believe she was vaccine injured we knew she was we saw her reaction that very night” Barbara goes on to say that Sierra survived but had to be put on a feeding tube for three years. Along with a list of other medical diagnosis like her brother Sierra was also diagnosed with having autism a condition that does not run in their family.

Vaccine induced Autism is very controversial in the medical community. Studies done by doctors and researches in England in 1998 and more recently in 2006 “suggested that there is a link between the Measles Mumps Rubella Vaccine and Autism.” The studies suggest that the “preservatives and ingredients in the vaccines could be causing Autism in significant number of children.”

Right now the Center for Disease Control found about 1 in 150 children in the United States has Autism. However the CDC still doesn’t’ know a lot about the causes of Autism. Scientists think that both genes and the environment play a role, and there might be many causes that lead to Autism.

Dr. Jon Homuth a pediatrician at Southern Tier Pediatrics said “there has been many studies now looking very carefully at the data on does the vaccine or does mercury cause autism and it does not there is very good scientific evidence it does not.” The Center for Disease Control in the United States says “The weight of currently available scientific evidence does not support the hypothesis that … vaccines causes autism.” CDC goes on to says “they recognizes there is considerable public interest in this issue, and therefore supports additional research regarding this hypothesis.” Dr. Homuth said “nothing is 100% safe, can we guarantee your child will never have a serious side affect or reactions from a shot no. But some of the things we are preventing are much more serious then any of the side effect from any of these vaccinations.

According to the CDC the signs of autism may appear at around the same time children receive the Measles Mumps Rubella vaccine. The CDC claims the vaccination has nothing to do with the cause of autism. However the Labrecque’s, stand behind their belief and point to research that supports their clams that vaccines are to blame for their children’s Autism.
Butch Labrecque said “We’ve gone through a lot we like to try an avoid, try to make sure parent and family understand it’s there choice that they get their kids vaccinated.”

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