Aspartame and Sperm Damage

Posted on Oct 14, 2008 in Chronic Disease, Health & Wellness, Health Optimization

Dr. James Bowen, M.D.

The quantity and quality of human sperm is plunging like a meteor, and with it humanity’s future, announced a conference of 130 scientists in Montreal on Male Mediated Developmental Toxicity. The human race survives only thru it’s genes. Destroy the genes and our race dies? For 20 years scientists have watched sperm counts drop but now “up to 85% of sperm produced by healthy males is DNA-damaged”, said John Aiken, head of biological sciences at Australia’s University of Newcastle. “That’s very unusual,” said Aiken. “If you were to take a rat or a mouse or a rabbit, usually more than 80% of their sperm would be normal … you’re likely to see lots of diseases that are related to poorer semen quality. … Generally speaking everything is bad with the sperm.” Human sperm is much worse than animal sperm. The vast majority of sperm is sluggish, poorly structured, DNA fragmented, producing a lot of cellular waste, free radicals. Birth defects, brain cancer and leukemia in children, infertility, testicular cancer which strikes men in their 30’s are but part of this deadly bouquet of deformities from damaged sperm. Male smokers damage their sperm and may contribute to childhood cancers. “If you are a man and you smoke your semen profile won’t be obviously affected, you’ll still have lots of sperm swimming around and you’ll be fertile. But the DNA in your sperm nucleus will be fragmented.” said Aiken who attributed much of the damage to electromagnetic radiation.

Formaldehyde and methanol, two sperm destroying agents in tobacco, also appear in aspartame/NutraSweet/Equal which also induces deadly chelated aluminum into our bodies along with other heavy metal poison and toxic does of chelated iron leading to hemosiderosis, there to destroy brain cells and our minds with them. Normally we are immune to dietary aluminum but when chelated from aspartame it is carried right into the body through the GI tract, which usually rejects it. This potent chelation effect is born out by first person reports given by Coke and Pepsi employees that both companies, after 50 trouble free years with them, had to abandon the use of stainless steel valve seats in their dispensing machines and go to plastic because the aspartame pop was rapidly corroding the stainless out of functional condition. I’ve personal acquaintance knowledge that university scientists have been fired for merely setting up the procedure to measure the amount of chelated aluminum carried out of the can and into the body. We do have independent confirmation. Consider fillings and calcium in teeth.

Chemical hypersensitivity engendered by NutraSweet makes the damages from toxins like preservatives, perfumes, etc. occur at concentrations millions of times lower than that at which they would even be a nuisance and far worse: i.e. the Persian Gulf Syndrome.

In recent months I’ve found the Internet is being systemically purged of the articles informative of the biochemistry of the cogeners of aspartame. When you meet the Fire ant you’ll understand why. This article will dwell on how the sperm are genetically damaged and impaired in their ability to be winners. It will include, as illustrations, other medical problems and science related to aspartame and its cogeners. This will leave little surprise then, that human sperm quality is on the wane. About !85%! of human spermatozoa produced are now identifiable as genetically damaged. They are sluggish, lack motility and carry fragmented, damaged DNA attributable to chemical, free radical, and EMR exposure from the AC (alternating current) electronic environment humans immerse themselves in such as cell phones. This poor quality of spermatozoa does not bode well for the progeny of such sperm and makes male fertility procedures, such as in vitro fertilization, of questionable wisdom because the only factor, that thus far, significantly tended to lessen damage to progeny is the sperm race to be the first one to get to the ovum and fertilize it. We will go into how the sperm are genetically damaged and impaired in their ability to be winners in the fertility arena, and will include, as illustrations, other medical problems and medical science related to aspartame and its cogeners.

Sucralose or Splenda shouldn’t be used either as its a chlorocarbon like DDT that isn’t even legal in the environment and could hardly be conceived of as being any less damaging to fertility than aspartame. No calorie reduced sweetener is safe. They wouldn’t work if they didn’t potently and extremely rapidly stimulate, excite, and derange the specialized neurons in the tongue to make them report high levels of sugar when none is there. Anything like this is dangerous to you. Moreover, these non-nutritive sweeteners do live up to their promise to be just that, which specifically in the case of NutraSweet, contributes immensely to the resultant damages in the user. For example, the lack of essential co-factors such as niacin, riboflavin, pyridoxine, B12, Vitamin E and Folate lead to the buildup and release of carbon monoxide in oxidation processes of formic acid. If something sounds too good to be true, it not only is not true but, as in the case of Nutrasweet, is a cover for very dangerous lies. High tech does not carry any guarantee whatsoever of safety. The time has long since come that we should, for the sake of our health and of future generations, seek out organically grown, preservative and additive free food. Our governmental protective infrastructure has become so eroded and pretentious if you see natural flavoring on the label of a food container it only means the ingredient so listed is NOT natural and they are NOT going to tell you what the name of the chemical is!

Intelligent? human beings have rapidly declining sperm quality and their offspring are now experiencing childhood brain cancers, childhood leukemia and testicular cancers in their youth. These are just a few of the exemplary damages to the progeny of damaged sperm. Aspartame and some of its many cogeners produce some of the same tissue damaging factors that does EMR; making Aspartame poisoning synergistic with EMR damage. The U.S. government, under industry prompting, allowed our AC electrical conduction system to be set at sixty cycles per second which exposes us in the US to about sixteen times the EMR than if it were set at the far safer fifty cycles per second the European systems use. The basic math of EMR was well known when the regs were enacted. This synergism makes aspartame even more dangerous in the US but it remains hazardous and horribly damaging for everyone everywhere. NO exceptions!

A previous article, “Aspartame Murders Infants”, in violation of Title 18 of the domestic genocide law,, describes the several well identified and distinct tasks human spermatozoa have to excel at if they’re to have any chance to win the race to the ovum and fertilize it. The remarkable increase in dysfunctional spermatozoa, since the advent of aspartame, is readily explained by the known actions of it and its cogeners; (Cogener = all the problematic compounds, radicals, reactions and damages to the human organism that arise from the time aspartame is produced and onwards ad infinitum.) Aspartame damages spermatozoa thru several toxic mechanisms mentioned in this article.

Anti sperm antibodies are a fairly common male fertility problem because the spermatozoa are antigenically distinct from the male who produces them. The spermatozoon is a haploid, having only half of each pair of chromosomes from the male progenitor. Each haploid chromosome is then, in a random distribution, one from either his mother or father, so the antigens produced are distinct from those of the male progenitor. Anything that calls this to the attention of the immune system will engender anti sperm antibodies. Vasectomy sometimes causes anti sperm antibodies because the sperm are impacted in the male genital system. Wives sometimes can become hypersensitized to their husband’s sperm, and the couple thereby rendered infertile. Aspartame’s well-known tendency to produce autoimmunity and hypersensitivity could only anticipate such an autoimmune and hypersensitivity attack on the sperm in the male and afterwards in the female. Production of denatured protein by cross linkage reaction with the endogenous nascent formaldehyde from the obligatory metabolism of methanol makes the aspartame derived nascent formaldehyde a far more potent immunoadjuvent than the exogenous formaldehyde as is commonly used as an adjuvant in vaccines. The generation of endogenous formaldehyde occurs inside the cell in the cytosol and in the mitochondria. So the individual subcellular structures such as mitochrondria are likely to become discrete targets of the ensuing immunoholocaust. Antinuclear antibodies, ANA, as in lupus, etc. were one of the first to be recognized. Anti mitochondrial antibody hepatitis appeared on the scene with the advent of aspartame. (There’s more than one kind of poisonous aspartame!) Fatty degeneration of the liver was renamed steato hepatitis, which now “inexplicably” affects 3% of our adolescent population. Cryptogenic cirrhosis of the liver, long noted to follow is also an anti mitochondrial antibody disease. This does not bode well for the 3% of our youth afflicted with steato hepatitis thanks to the aspartame! Unique to the present epidemic is the horribly synergistic co-epidemic of hemosiderosis; known in and of itself to cause cirrhosis and male impotence.

Mitochondria, their DNA and RNA suffer more extensive damage from the methanol-formaldehyde-formic acid/formate-carbon monoxide toxic axis than other structures because the mitochrondria are the minute furnaces in the cell that, much like a furnace in a house function to protect the cell from the processes of combustion which otherwise would destroy the house. The mitochondria, within their own confines, carry out two intense and dangerous energy production tasks in the oxidative metabolism essential to the production of cellular energy which would and do destroy the cell if they escape the confines of the mitochondria. If not done properly because of RNA, DNA or mitochondrial damage or metabolic insult, they result in the production of dangerous superoxide free radicals that damage the mitochrondria, the DNA and the cell in a vicious circle. The first of these two processes is to break down fats for metabolism into radicals that can be safely and completely burnt for energy such as the one called beta oxidation. The second, controlled combustion, is to harmonize and perform the safe oxidation of these and other substrates via agencies such as the citric acid cycle which yields manageable forms of energy such as that buffered with phosphate in ATP the rest of the cell can then safely utilize. Kind of like your stove safely burning gas to cook your food and make it safe and digestible. When the mitochondrion or its DNA is damaged the cell is functionally impaired by the deranged metabolic processes, and the production of free radicals. If the mitochondria break down and release their enzymes and substrates the cell is doomed to destruction just as a house would be doomed to an explosive decomposition if gas for the stove were allowed to leak into the house and then ignited by a faulty stove. If the mitochondrial DNA/RNA function is impaired a vicious cycle of more metabolic and free radical damage to the DNA is set in motion. On a per mass basis the mitochondria produce many times more nascent formaldehyde from methanol than the cytosol making the damage therefrom far more concentrated in the mitochondria. This correlates well with the epidemic mitochondrial diseases that have more widely manifested themselves with the advent of the aspartame. Cardiomyopathy, cryptogenic cirrhosis of the liver, premature graying, diabetes, and pervasive developmental disorders are some.

The Mt DNA is located within the mitochondria where large amounts of nascent formaldehyde are formed. Nuclear DNA is protected inside the nucleus where no methanol is metabolized to formaldehyde. The Mt DNA lacks the many other protective and repair mechanisms afforded nuclear DNA. The only repair processes for the mitochondrial DNA cross-linked by formaldehyde or fragmented by formate are excisional; simply deleting formaldehyde or fragmented by formate are excisional; simply deleting entire segments that contain damaged areas. This makes the net damage to Mt DNA thousands of times greater than that to nuclear DNA in Aspartame poisoning and it makes Mt DNA damage highly cumulative. It is passed on to subsequent generations of sperm and ova in a random distribution through the maternal line. This is one explanation why some pregnancy losses are attributable only to blighted ova or embryos. The randomness of Mt DNA transmission from mother to ovum explains the pleomorphic problems that may arise in their off spring. The offspring are usually blighted in a random manner, displaying various problems such as pervasive developmental disorders (like autism), myopathies, energy deficient obesity syndromes, progeria, premature graying diabetes, etc. Each may manifest in one child but not others, which in turn, may be dissimilarly effected. Nutrasweet is a cumulative poison in every sense of the word, lifelong.

The accumulation of aspartame cogeners bound to tissue components is another form of accumulation. Other disease processes that yield cumulative damage are the ongoing destruction of tissues that are not replaceable such as neurons, retina and properly oriented myelin sheaths, and the production of various barriers to regeneration such as the Alzheimers plague and the progression of steato hepatitis to cryptogenic cirrhosis because of scarring and inflammation around the hepatic ducts in these young people which leaves no place for properly plumbed hepatocytes to regenerate, leading to a vicious circle of more chemical damage and more inflammation and scarring and tissue disruption. Another example of cumulative toxicity from aspartame, which can only be made far worse by ingesting preservatives and food additives, and exposure to perfumes and other environmental toxins.

The spermatozoa produced by the Aspartame consumer inherit, on a random basis from their progenitor, varying amounts of damaged mitochondria which in turn have their DNA damaged in different segments and to varying extents. This makes the sperm damage that results of pleomorphic manifestation. A spermatozoon receives only about twenty mitochondria as compared to about one hundred thousand in the ovum. In the sperm this leads to a lack of averaging of effect, so only two or three blighted mitochondria would put that spermatozoon out of the race. Since it’s now common only 15% have vigorous motility, the greatly redundant # of sperm is the only factor that may allow for a few to make good attempt at fertilization. This adequacy of Mt DNA doesn’t at all guarantee freedom of induced defect in the nuclear DNA that will be transmitted to the embryo. The spermatic mitochrondria, located in the mid body of the spermatozoa from where the tail is wagged, exist only to provide the energy to wag the tail, propel the spermatozoon, and energize it to enter the ovum. At that point any who have survived the “go to broke effort” are destroyed by the ovum, not having been allowed to contribute any Mt DNA to the embryo. (Who says it’s a man’s world?) Is it any wonder many men are now showing rates of normal sperm motility as low as 15%? The other 85% of spermatozoa carrying so much damaged Mt DNA they can’t even wiggle?

The poisonous sequence resulting from the metabolism of methanol does not end with the cross linking and plasticizing of cellular and tissue components by formaldehyde. DNA and to even a greater extent RNA are damaged by this cross linking and will not replicate nor transmit or share information until repaired. The next toxic step is the metabolism of formaldehyde to formic acid, which then reaches buffered equilibrium with formate in the body. Both are the same toxin. It’s just a matter of the ambient acid/base balance. The two terms, as used herein, mean the same thing. Formate (fire ant sting venom) is a far more potent toxin and chromosomal damaging agent than formaldehyde, and a far more potent venom than scorpion venom. It causes fragmentation of mitochondria. This puts it in the category of a blister agent. This blister agent poison is so severe a hypersensitization agent that sensitized adult humans have died from the sting of a single fire ant only 1/8 long and weighing only a milligram or two. This completely proves and demonstrates the hypersensitization effect of aspartame, which the government forcibly maintains does not occur even as it maintains that chemical hypersensitivity cannot and does not exist; to be enforced at the pain of loss of licensure for any doctor who diagnoses or treats these unfortunates. The Jan 1, 01 issue of Townsend Letter for Doctors records the fascist proclamations of the coalition of chemical and pharmaceutical companies that they now so control the government and medical boards that hey can and will see to the revocation of licensure of any medical doctor who diagnoses or treats for chemical hypersensitivity. This class of toxins are called blister agents as they kill the cells leaving behind only blisters of dead tissue. Fluoride and cyanide share the same toxic mechanism as formate. All three block the action of the cytochrome oxidase enzyme. This paralyzes the mitochondria’s ability to utilize oxygen; much like carbon monoxide blocks the entrance of oxygen into the red cell, suffocating the metabolism. Endogenous carbon monoxide is formed in the metabolism of formate; hemoglobin is denatured to met hemoglobin by methanol; and the basic cytochrome oxidase element of heme is likewise blocked by formate. Since the arrival of NutraSweet the asthma rates in the US are ever on the increase. In the catechism of the axis “hypersensitivity” is a wash your mouth out with soap and lose your medical license type of word due to their perceived need to protect the public from any knowledge of aspartame related problems. You may remember the dark episode in Seattle, when, at the behest of the FDA, a doctor who was treating chemical hypersensitivity and advising his patients in the use of herbal remedies had his office blitzkrieged by federal agents who rush in and held a gun to his head while they ran out his patients, rampaged thru his office and took all his records. Not only is the resultant hypersensitivity rampant, but a second aspartame epidemic among asthmatics is with us. Asthma sufferers are appearing with severe attacks, in respiratory distress, suffocating for lack of oxygen. When the doctor lays stethoscope to chest he finds the patient is moving lots of air. Have his airways closed down? No, his red blood cells are so poisoned by the carbon monoxide, the cyanide like effect of formate on the hemoglobin and the met hemoglobinemia from aspartame that they cannot pick up oxygen and carry it into the body. Of course the asthma itself may also be severely flared; again thanks to aspartame, yielding an especially hellish situation. Due to the strictly enforced catechismal ban on any knowledge of the toxicity of aspartame, the doctor cannot even report a history of the patient’s NutraSweet use, nor factor it into his reasoning and decision making process. While in fact, aspartame is the key element in the whole, entire picture.

The patient whose mind is obtunded by hypoxemia and whose thinking processes are, under the brainwashing influence of aspartame biochemistry will follow without question what the doc prescribes. When the patient is suffocating while moving lots of air the doctor has to deal with a therapeutic conundrum. If the doc believes the stethoscope the patient will appear to be a hyperventilating hypochondriac. The doctors other choice is to ignore his stethoscope and treat the refractory respiratory distress with more vigorous treatment of the asthma. If that involves a pulsed high dose of corticosteroids it will accidentally treat and improve the hypersensitivity. More drastic measures may also accidentally and temporarily separate the patient from his aspartame and result in some real improvement. The real pathophysiology and the real causes will not be directly addressed so the patient is doomed to a despairing cycle of continued aspartame poisoning and will likely consider himself a pulmonary cripple which he need not be at all. He really only needs to get off all aspartame and to take realistic steps to deal with his hypersensitivity and he would be greatly and permanently improved.

Back to the mitochondria: With the action of the cytochrome oxidase enzyme blocked by formate, only a very partial anaerobic metabolism of fats and carbohydrates remains possible. Glycolysis breaks down the carbohydrates to lactic acid and beta oxidation breaks down fats to keto acids. These acids are additive to the acidosis from the formic acid which contributes to the metabolic problem as well as complicating the decompensated respiratory/metabolic state in asthmatics and diabetics. The mitochondrial metabolic processes are the only route to move fat calories out of the cell or out of the body. This mitochondrial deficiency leads directly to steato hepatitis and diet resistant obesity.

Not only is damage to sperm Mt DNA permanent, but, it’s cumulative because it’s perpetuated in subsequent generations of mitochondria in the cell and any spermatozoa it produces. The hypersensitivity likewise will cumulate upon repeated insult and could flare upon exposure to a wide variety of chemicals; creating chronicity of lifelong duration. How cruel. The perfume the lady uses could perpetuate their infertility. Cosmetics commonly use over three hundred chemical carcinogens and over twenty five hundred known chemical toxins. These toxins flare the autoimmune/hypersensitivity reaction from aspartame. Illustrated herein is that the cosmetics industry probably would be little better if the government made a pretense of regulating it as the FDA does with food additives. We simply do not live in the same world we were in before exposed to aspartame. We, not being able to rely on the government nor corporate integrity, must listen very carefully to our bodies and carefully scrutinize what we put into them or upon them and the environment that we place or find ourselves in. The fire ant wields what is arquably the most potent venom of any terrestrial arthropod, formic acid. Exactly the same formic acid that is formed 10% by weight from aspartame in your body. In the fight for clarity of mind on aspartame toxicity the fire ant has triumphed over billions of dollars worth of punditry and thousands of brains a billion times the size of his, hired to engineer the intake of aspartame into the human body. You may have to forget about your medical doctor and listen to the fire ant. Your doc may never come to clarity of mind on aspartame because, in the present medical bureaucracy, he has been made more a high priest than a scientist. Priests may never violate the catechism without a special dispensation. No dispensations are being granted on aspartame. The fire ant, on the other hand, though his brain is outweighed a billion times by each of the thousands of brains arrayed against him, has by a clear simple and universally acknowledge demonstration of scientific fact demonstrated the formate cogener of aspartame can often cause not only a hypersensitivity reaction but such a severe one it can kill you at a dose approximating only 5% of the formate you get from one packet of Equal. Yes the fire ant has demonstrated, repeatedly, it only takes 1/20th the dose of formic acid that you get from a packet of Equal to kill you in a hypersensitivity reaction engendered by similarly small doses of formate. If only the medical profession would allow themselves to acknowledge what they already know. The facts of fire ant venom are well known to your medical doctor and medical regulatory organizations. If they cannot mentally cope with these facts you must step out and help your friends to step out to look out for your own health. If you wish to try and motivate an unreceptive doc to a more comprehending state of mind you may remind him that in the fraternity of medical professionals the pendulum effect is well known. The pendulum of medical regulation can suddenly swing and the profession be told to reverse their treatment methods for any given condition. The pendulum may later then swing back again just as rapidly reversing treatment methods. When was the patient benefited? and when disserviced? I believe the interests of the patient are better serviced and protected in countries like Mexico where prescriptions are not mandatory and the doctor is truly an advisor who may be shunned or ignored if he will not listen to the patient or does not comprehend the needed facts. Because the patient can learn the facts and listen to his own body, which the doc and the bureaucracy often cannot and do not; much less listen to even the patient. The FDA refuses to listen to the reports from damaged parties who incidentally comprise over 80% of all complaints to the FDA since the aspartame was released on them.

The fire ant loudly proclaims: I have for thousands of years disproved all of your ?billions” of punditry because I have repeatedly demonstrated that 1/20th formic acid derived from a single packet of Equal can kill a full grown adult human being from the inherent chemical hypersensitivity formate induces. So pack up your aspartame and your quackwatch punditry and your “billions”, and get the hell out of Dodge! It’s almost High Noon. Thank God for fire ants!

The fire ant has won and the aspartame has to withdraw from the field of reason. The Internet is supposedly an open venue for information, the information highway. After months of searching related topics I can certify I am seeing topic after topic surrounding the methanol – toxic axis being purged from the Internet. The good stuff may only still be found if you have the skills to get it. The excellent articles by and supporting the intelligentsia who altruistically oppose aspartame are being deleted from the search engines leaving only the inane punditry that gives the false appearance of discrediting them and exonerating aspartame. A more modern example of: “burn the books” fascism. Also a disservice to the public are web sites like “Quackwatch” releasing misleading information. A relevant example occurred in the case of the Persian Gulf Syndrome. Only the combat troops came back with the Persian Gulf Syndrome because the Saudis would not allow aspartame in Garrison areas and only the combat units beyond direct control of the Saudi government who were force fed Nutrasweet drinks and came back with the Persian Gulf Syndrome. The troops had been rendered hypersensitive. Military epidemiologists found that Persian Gulf Syndrome was largely chemical hypersensitivity. Oops! After that first landmark article, only the inane punditry cover up line was allowed: Oh, these are just chronic obsessively unhappy people that nothing could make happy and are therefore just not medically treatable because it is all, just in their heads. Thank God for fire ants! They may just well be able to keep these and the many other unfortunates afflicted with chemical hypersensitivity from being thrown on the medical trash heap, as the chemical and pharmaceutical companies would have them to be.

Another example of the ravishing censorship of the search engines to protect methanol is that of when I first located the 24 studies then displayed in Google that reported the production of horrendous birth defects such as micro penis and unclosed skulls in the offspring of mothers exposed to minute doses of methanol in the industrial environment, a couple of days later they were gone when I went back for them on the same engine. I was able to find them again only because having already read the articles, I could pull them up on other included topics. In l990 the windshield washer/defroster fluid in the US was, with no notice to the endangered public, switched from isopropyl alcohol to methyl alcohol. Methanol is by far the most hazardous point of entry on the methanol-formaldehyde-formic acid-carbon monoxide toxic axis. Its incorporation, estherized with other poisons into larger poisons, such as aspartame greatly synergizes its toxicity.

From my many sources of information and my many personal experiences since I started talking about aspartame, I have become of the informed and certain opinion of the evil coverup. The only reason this poisonous aspartame is among us, is to degrade and destroy human beings. No company would ever put it on the market for commercial reasons. They would be sued out of existence in moths except for the protection of the dark side.

Coke and Pepsi thru the venue of the soft drink bottling association in l983 presented a joint position paper to the government giving many good reasons why they would never put aspartame into their products. Searle pharmaceutical in their stock reports just prior to that told their stockholders they would never put aspartame on the market for human consumption because it was clearly too toxic. The Searle family later sold their stock and, en masse, walked out of the company when aspartame was marketed. Coke and Pepsi’s soft drink operations profitability have been marginalized due to the ensuing loss of confidence among the consuming public, and their very corporate survival is questionable because of loss of confidence in their ethics.

An interesting example of how aspartame engendered hypersensitivity can produce atypia and perpetuation of disease processes and syndromes is presented in a previous article on Lyme Disease and Aspartame also on Another extremely informative article on this web site is written by Dr. A. Bal and Dr. Jayshree Barua in the Diabetic Journal of India l995 Vol 35, #4.

The excellent site, deals very graphically and factually with the aspartame problem. Mark Gold puts it down in the form of straight forward scientific evidence clearly presented just as an attorney would give it to a jury. Dr. Hyman Roberts has just released a comprehensive factual textbook on the Aspartame Global plague titled ASPARTAME DISEASE: AN IGNORED EPIDEMIC, or by calling 1 800 814 – 9800. It has a chapter on drug interaction, how to treat the aspartame victim, brain tumors, seizures, lupus, MS and even the legal implications. A recent article by syndicated reporter David L. Dewey exposes the sordid history of this chemical poison, a 24 page document at Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., also wrote an excellent book on aspartame and msg, Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills,

The Trocho study on shows that formaldehyde accumulates in the cells converted from the wood alcohol in aspartame with a great deal of toxicity in the liver and substantial amounts in the kidneys, adipose tissue, retina and brain. When you damage DNA you can destroy the human race. We are now evidencing the beginning of this process as we see DNA damage to human sperm.

James Bowen, M.D.
Permission to Publish (Dr. Bowen’s number can be gotten from Mrs. Martini who can be reached at 770 242-2599)