An Autism Mom's Open Letter to Dr. Paul Offit

Posted on Sep 16, 2008 in Autism

By Julie Obradovic – Read the full letter at

Dear Dr. Offit,

I am writing in regard to your new book, Autism’s False Prophets: Bad Science, Risky Medicine and Finding a Cure.

It would be premature to say for sure, but I am willing to bet I would be considered a “False Prophet” in your eyes. I am a mother who witnessed her daughter regress into Autism, and I am a mother who believes it was because of her vaccines. I dedicate much of my time to helping other parents who experienced the same thing with their own children.

I also make it a point to encourage parents to research vaccine safety carefully before blindly subjecting their children to it. In fact, I can count at least 10 children under the age of 3 right now who have been spared the one-size-fits-all approach to administering vaccines because of my advice. They are undoubtedly part of any decrease in vaccination rates.

Some critics call me an irresponsible anti-vaccine zealot for this. Frankly, I am baffled by that; I am simply advocating for more independent and relevant research into their safety and administration. I am also simply telling parents to do their homework; any decision they make not to vaccinate is theirs.

I have serious, unanswered questions about the current state of vaccination, and the bullying, fear-mongering, and hateful discourse spewed towards someone like myself does nothing to squelch my concerns, or more important, the concerns my family, friends and neighbors having children right now.

These people know that I am a rational, logical, courageous, highly educated, intelligent mother who pulled her own child out of the depths of Autism. They saw with their own eyes the descent of my perfectly healthy baby girl at birth until 6 months of age into the lost, sick state of Autism by age 2. It’s not me telling them a version of what happened; they saw it for themselves.

They also saw us claw our way out of that hell-hole. They witnessed our family do what-ever it took for however long to get our little girl back. Despite the terrible odds against us, we got her. My daughter no longer qualifies as having Autism.

With 1 in 20 families now being affected by Autism, and thousands of those families recovering their children as we did, you can only imagine this trend (of parents not trusting you) growing. You continue to tell these family members, friends and neighbors that what they witnessed wasn’t real. That doesn’t sit well with most people I know, including you. If I’m not mistaken, the real reason for your book is because you don’t like it when people call you a liar. It goes both ways.

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