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The Associated Press reports (below) that the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention (CDC) will no longer require immigrant girls and women to be
vaccinated against the human papillomavirus (HPV). The CDC’s discriminatory
administrative directive MANDATING immigrant girls who posed no risk to the
community to be vaccinated with Merck’s HPV Gardasil vaccine was put into
effect, July, 2008.

The CDC’s newly adopted criteria to determine which vaccines will be
required for immigrants: the vaccine must protect against a disease that has
the potential to cause an outbreak, has been eliminated in the U.S. or is in
the process of being eliminated from the country.

In addition to removing the HPV vaccine mandate, the CDC change also means
the Zoster vaccine to protect against shingles won’t be required of
immigrants 60 or older.

As acknowledged by Dr. Katrin Kohl, deputy director in the CDC’s division of
global migration and quarantine,  cervical cancer and shingles “are not
easily transmissible.” Furthermore,  “They don’t fit into the whole public
health spirit of outbreak prevention.”

In August, 2009, the Alliance for Human Research Protection received a
frantic plea for help from a 22-year old immigrant woman with an underlying
neurological condition for which she is being treated. Her well-founded,
informed concern that the vaccine’s potential adverse effects could
jeopardize her health and her safety, was justified.

She emigrated from an industrialized country, was about to be married, and
has regularly had PAP tests to screen for cervical cancer–and they were
negative.  However, she could not find a physician in the U.S. who would
back-up her concerns in a letter to the Immigration authorities.

AHRP turned to the physician / scientist whose expertise about the HPV
vaccine is indisputable: matched by the ethical standard guiding her
conscience and her practice of medicine. 

We are gratified to have been able to help facilitate a reconsideration by
CDC officials of a medically unjustified policy.

More to follow on the AHRP website…

Contact: Vera Hassner Sharav