AHEAD Map – Available

Posted on Nov 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

DID YOU HEAR?  AHEAD Map is now available.

The AHEAD MAP (Advanced Health Evaluation and Assessment for Detoxification, Medical Assessment Program) is a tool created based on the subjective SF-36 patient outcome model. It’s purpose is to help track changes in improvement or worsening in an individual while also helping to determine effectiveness of any intervention, treatment or therapy.

The highest possible score is 1000 and represents the worst possible case. The lowest possible score is 100 and represents perfect health, indicating the organs of detoxification are functioning at an optimum level.

As this score DECREASES, there is a clear indication that the individual’s health is getting better and the organs of detoxification are improving while the intervention engaged in, is effective. If this score INCREASES, we have an indication that the individual’s overall health is getting worse and the intervention engaged in, is NOT effective.

The goal is for your AHEAD MAP score is to consistently DECREASE every month, providing validation that whatever therapy, intervention or treatment you are engaged in, is working. The initial goal is to get the AHEAD MAP score below 200, with the eventual goal to get as close to 100 as possible. A score of 150 or lower is excellent and indicates your organs of detoxification are functioning well and your state of health is very good.

Think of your score in terms of weight (lbs or kg). The higher the score, the larger the number. The larger the number, the heavier the weight. The heavier the weight, the more the burden on your system.

Free access and utilization of the AHEAD MAP (Medical Assessment Program):

  1.  Go to www.AdvancedMedicine.com
  2. Login or Register:
    • If you are ALREADY an InfoOnAging.com or IADFW AdvancedMedicine.info) member, click the “Login” link and login using your IOA/IADFW email address and password.
    • If you are NOT yet an InfoOnAging.com or IADFW (AdvancedMedicine.info) member, follow the steps below to register free:
      1. Enter Invitation Code 11 and your first name, then click the “Register Free Account” button.
      2. Enter your email address and enter a password to use for your login, then click the “Create Free Account” button.
  3. Complete your first AHEAD Map assessment:
    1. From the left hand menu, select “Assessment Tools”, then “AHEAD Map”.
    2. Enter your profile information as requested on the screen, then click the “Save changes” button.
    3. On the next page read and agree to the paragraph by clicking the “I agree” checkbox, then click the “Click Here to Complete Your AHEAD Map” button.
    4. Watch the short introductory video on the next page and then click the “Click Here to Get Started” button.
    5. Answer each question of the AHEAD Map assessment.
    6. Once all questions have been answered, your assessment report will be emailed to you.  You can also always login to your profile to view all of your assessments.

SEE WHAT YOUR AHEAD Map HAS TO SAY ………… Get Started NOW !!!!