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Terry Chappell, MD 
Celebration of Health Association 
Bluffton, Ohio 
  As women age, their foremost initial concerns other than weight and appearance are bones, breast and bio-identical hormones (the 3 B’s). Actually bone strength is a concern not only for women but also for men. If there is any risk at all, we need Calcium balanced by an appropriate amount of Magnesium (very important, otherwise, some of the calcium goes into the arteries) and much higher does of vitamin D3 than we previously thought necessary (usually in the neighborhood of 4000-5000iu per day!). We recommend breast screening (we usually prefer thermography, which is available on-site, to mammograms, but you can do both) and pap smears. Men need annual prostate exams and possibly PSA testing, although this test is becoming controversial. Synthetic hormones are toxic, and increase the risk of Cancer over time. Smaller studies indicate that bio-identical hormones are safer, and they are effective in controlling the symptoms of menopause. Natural progesterone is the safest of these hormones, and sometimes, that is all that is needed. For men, testosterone could be helpful for a lot more men, because it is under-utilized. 
  As always, diet, exercise and stress are the biggest factors for longevity. Memory exercises, such as cross word puzzles and card games, are important to do regularly to maintain mental acuity. We believe that EDTA chelation therapy can help prevent cardiac events. Since these are the major killers for older folks, chelation is at the top of our list for preventive medicine. There are a good number of antioxidants and especially some amino acids that might increase longevity as well as the quality of life. There is some indication that certain fats and methyl B12 injections can preserve memory and lesson neurologic symptoms as well. They are well worth a therapeutic trial, especially if you are beginning to feel some of the effects of aging. We have other popular techniques that in our experience are really helpful in lessoning the effects of aging. Some of them keep the immune system strong, improve digestion, and increase the effectiveness of exercise.