Advanced Medicine with Dr. Rashid A. Buttar

Posted on Sep 17, 2019 in Chronic Disease, Medical Rewind, Vaccines

Advanced Medicine Monday

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Some of the things you will hear Dr. Buttar and Robert talk about in this show are:

Bacteria In Our Guts May Be Communicating With Our DNA, Study Shows – Bacteria in the gut may be able to boss around the genes found in their hosts – at least, in worms. According to a new study published in the journal Cell, trillions of bacteria found within the average gut may be practicing a sort of “interspecies communication” that transcends language. Gut bacteria secrete a molecule called nitric oxide. In an attempt to understand how bacteria communicate with its host, researchers tracked nitric oxide levels inside tiny worms (C. elegans). They found that this molecule is capable of attaching to thousands of host proteins and, as such, changed the worm’s ability to regulate its own gene expression. And if it works in worms, there is a possibility similar activity could be happening within our own stomachs. Previous research has shown that nitric oxide attaches to human proteins in a process known as S-nitrosylation, which has been linked to diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, asthma, and cancer, among others.

Measles: The New Red Scare  – Fear. It’s a natural and primal human emotion. While human instinct is exceptional in evaluating and reacting to a natural personal risk, as in facing a predator, humans are terrible at assessing modern risks. According to Psychology Today this is because our ancestors were programmed to quickly react and respond to a situation before it is even consciously perceived. Our reactions aren’t based in logic and statistics, but in lightning fast primitive responses. Threats such as venomous spiders and snakes cause an out-of-proportion fear compared with the more likely threat of being killed in a car crash. The low risk of a being killed in a shark attack evokes more terror than the much greater chance of dying from a prescription drug.(Spider and snake bites kill approximately 13 people a year and shark attacks kill 1 person every 2 years in the United States; there were 32,719 deaths in motor vehicle crashes in 2013 and 38,329 people died from a drug overdose in 2010 in the United States.)

Question of The Day!

Hi RSB and DB (Dr Buttar),

I was listening to your show from Monday and you both were talking about eliminating waste from your mouth to Uranus. LOL My fiance has always had problems eliminating waste. (Going #2). She even said that it has been going on for as long as she can remember. She is on her 3rd days without going. She takes no prescription drugs, we eat organic as much as we can, drink water from a Berkey, etc, is there a supplement or anything else that she can do to help this issue?

Thanks for any help that you both can give us and I appreciate ALL YOU BOTH DO FOR US!!!!

Mike in Louisville

Chemical pollutants in the home degrade fertility in both men and dogs, study finds – New research by scientists at the University of Nottingham suggests that environmental contaminants found in the home and diet have the same adverse effects on male fertility in both humans and in domestic dogs. There has been increasing concern over declining human male fertility in recent decades with studies showing a 50% global reduction in sperm quality in the past 80 years. A previous study by the Nottingham experts showed that sperm quality in domestic dogs has also sharply declined, raising the question of whether modern day chemicals in the home environment could be at least partly to blame. In a new paper published in Scientific Reports, the Nottingham team set out to test the effects of two specific man-made chemicals namely the common plasticizer DEHP, widely abundant in the home (e.g. carpets, flooring, upholstery, clothes, wires, toys) and the persistent industrial chemical polychlorinated biphenyl 153, which although banned globally, remains widely detectable in the environment including food.

Is nutritional psychiatry the future of mental health treatments? – Mental health problems are notoriously tricky to treat, with many sufferers reporting that they’ve gone through several different psychiatrists and medications before striking on something that manages their condition to at least some degree. However, it’s starting to look like seeing a conventional psychiatrist for mental health problems might be a bit like going to a cardiologist for a skin condition; an emerging specialty, nutritional psychiatry, holds a lot more promise when it comes to successfully conquering mental illness. That’s because scientists are increasingly finding that poor mental health is caused in many cases by a lack of essential nutrients. Some of the mental illnesses associated with improper nutrition include depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

States Move to Mandate Deadly HPV Gardasil Vaccine for Children – Pharmaceutical giant Merck’s political influence is now reaching beyond the CDC and federal government, and moving into state legislatures as several states have introduced bills to mandate Merck’s Gardasil HPV vaccine for children. The HPV vaccine, which only applies to sexually active people, is not currently part of the CDC vaccine schedule, therefore separate legislation is needed to compel children to receive it. What is withheld from the public is the fact that Merck is fighting fraud cases in U.S. courts and multiple other lawsuits around the world concerning the Gardasil vaccine, as the vaccine continues to kill and injure, primarily teenage girls. Here are the states currently considering new legislation to mandate the Gardasil vaccine against parental choice. (Note: Merck’s Gardasil vaccine is the only HPV vaccine currently licensed in the U.S. So when you read “HPV Vaccine,” that currently means Gardasil.)

ConnecticutSB 858 – Allows for administration of HPV and Hepatitis B Vaccines to minors without parental consentPublic Hearing 02/25/19.

FloridaHB 245/SB 356 – Mandates HPV Vaccine for children as a requirement for school attendance.

IllinoisSB 1659 – Mandates HPV Vaccines for 6th grade students.

MassachusettsSD 1520 – Mandates HPV Vaccine for school children.

New JerseyA1847 – Mandates HPV Vaccines for students in grades six through 12.

New York: (2 bills) A973/S3899 – Allows health care practitioners to administer HPV/Hep B Vaccines to minors without parental consent. And S298 – Mandate the HPV Vaccine to the current list of vaccines required for children.

Some personal beliefs and morals may stem from genetics – A new baby is often welcomed with speculation aboutwhether they got their eyes and nose from mom or dad, but researchers say it may be possible for children to inherit their parents’ moral characteristics, as well. The researchers found that while parents can help encourage their children to develop into responsible, conscientious adults, there is an underlying genetic factor that influences these traits, as well. Amanda Ramos, Training Interdisciplinary Educational Scientists fellow at Penn State, said she hopes the study can help start a conversation about how and why these characteristics—referred to as “virtuous character”—develop. “A lot of studies have shown a link between parenting and these virtuous traits, but they haven’t looked at the genetic component,” Ramos said. “I thought that was a missed opportunity because parents also share their genes with their children, and what we think is parents influencing and teaching their children these characteristics may actually be due, at least in part, to genetics.”


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