10 Unhealthiest States In The US

Posted on Dec 12, 2013 in Environment

These are the ten UNHEALTHIEST states in the U.S.

America’s Health Rankings just released their annual report that analyzes the nation’s health every year and ranks the states from healthiest to unhealthiest. The report is issued by the United Health Foundation, American Public Health Association, and Partnership for Prevention.

The report analyzes the health of each state by comparing data from organizations like the Department of Education, the Census Bureau, and the Department of Health and Human Services. America’s Health Rankings focuses the analysis on four main health categories: the behavior and everyday activities of people living in each state, the community and environment that people are living in in each state, state health policies, and clinical care.

We’ve counted down to the unhealthiest state in the nation. Did your state manage to stay out of the bottom ten?

10. Indiana

This is the lowest Indiana has ranked on the list since it began in 1990. The state has one of the highest rates of smoking and infant mortality rates. More than half a million people in the state have diabetes.

9. Tennessee

More than one in four children are living in poverty in Tennessee. Its also the state with the highest rate of violent crime.

8. South Carolina

South Carolina has a low high school graduation rate compared to other states: only about 68% of high school students graduate in four years.

7. Oklahoma

Obesity rates are high in Oklahoma. The amount of public funding available for health care has dropped 40% in the past two years.

6. Kentucky

Kentucky has the highest rate of smoking among the 50 states: about 28% of the adult population smokes. Obesity rates increased this year compared to 2012. More than one in four children are living in poverty.

5. West Virginia

This state has the second highest rate of smoking in the nation: 28.2% of adults smoke. Obesity rates have increased from 2012. It also has the second highest rate of physical inactivity: about 31% of adults in West Virginia are inactive.

4. Alabama

Alabama has a high smoking rate and a high obesity rate. Violent crime has increased over the past two years.

3. Louisiana

The state used to rank dead last on this list, so its actually improved some. Obesity and violent crime rates remain high. About 30% of the children in Louisiana are living in poverty.

2. Arkansas

Smoking and diabetes are big problems in Arkansas. The rate of children living in poverty is 29%.

1. Mississippi

So what makes Mississippi the unhealthiest state in the U.S. this year? For starters the highest it has ever ranked on this list is 48th. Physical inactivity, obesity, and diabetes are some of the highest rates in the nation. Mississippi also has the highest rate of infectious diseases like chlamydia and salmonella.

These are the states that slipped the most this year. The column on the right shows how many places they dropped from 2012.

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Source:  Business Insider by Kelly Dickerson