How Much Does Medical School Teach About Vaccines?

Posted on Feb 15, 2018 in Vaccines

These are all the books for a prestigious medical school. There are books for: physical exams, human anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology, symptoms/diagnoses, pathology, epidemiology, immunology, pathophysiology, EKGS, medical interviews. That’s 6,700 pages of medical literature memorized and tested over three years of intense study. A normal human being would not attempt this. There are hundreds of pages on the immune system. Thousands of pages on disease. How much does medical school teach about vaccines? The Symptoms & Diagnosis book contains nothing about vaccines. The Pathology book...

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Once Upon A Time There Were Aluminum-Free Adjuvant Vaccines: What Happened?

Posted on Feb 5, 2018 in Vaccines

Do you realize that aluminum adjuvants in vaccines do not require clinical approval? It’s the vaccine that gets approval—that’s the technicality as delineated by various independent vaccine researchers! That being said, aluminum is a nerve toxin with neurotoxic adverse effects and probable “cause and effect” associations for various diseases, most notably Multiple Sclerosis, where the myelin sheath is destroyed. Another life-altering disease, as clinically established by French researchers and doctors at Henri Mondor Hospital in Paris, France, is MMF (Macrophagic Myofasciitis, a rare muscle...

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Older Siblings a Risk Factor for Serious Flu Infections in Infants

Posted on Jan 31, 2018 in Vaccines

Hear what Dr. Buttar and Robert Scott Bell have to say about this article on the October 2, 2017 Medical Rewind Show Having older brothers and sisters puts infants at higher risk for being hospitalized with the flu. Researchers studied 1,115 hospital admissions of children under 2 born in Scotland from 2007 to 2015. Compared to a firstborn child, a second-born child under 6 months old was more than two and a half times as likely to be hospitalized. With two older siblings, an infant under 6 months was three times as likely to be hospitalized as one with none. The study is in the European...

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Indian Girls Die Following Vaccinations

Posted on Dec 18, 2017 in Vaccines

Government authorities in India are investigating the possible link between vaccines and the deaths of two children in separate regions of the country. The first case is that of 15-year old Chenchu Lakshmi, who received the measles and rubella vaccine at a camp in the town of Tadepalli on Aug. 17, 2017.1 2 The young girl became unconscious and died a few hours after the vaccination. Chenchu’s parents have accused health officials of gross negligence, alleging that the vaccine was to blame. They have filed a suspicious death complaint with the Tadepalli police.”1 2 According to the children’s...

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Almost 650 girls needed medical intervention after HPV vaccine

Posted on Dec 14, 2017 in Vaccines

Hear what Dr. Buttar and Robert Scott Bell have to say about this article on the September 12, 2017 Medical Rewind Show Watchdog says Gardasil’s benefits to 230,000 girls outweigh potential risks. Almost 650 girls in Ireland reported requiring medical intervention or treatment after receiving the HPV vaccine, according to data collected by the State’s medicines watchdog. The Health Products Regulatory Authority has received 1,099 reports of adverse reactions and events associated with the use of the vaccine, but it said that this should not be taken as evidence of a causal link and that the...

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Medical Rewind – September 4, 2017

Posted on Dec 4, 2017 in Chronic Disease, Medical Rewind, Vaccines

Pharmaceuticals and Babies, Spike in Birth Defects, Weed Killer, Concussion Pill, and much more! If you missed Medical Rewind with Dr. Rashid A. Buttar and Robert Scott Bell, be sure to go to to listen to the show replay.   .. As Babies are Prescribed Pharmaceuticals, Have We Reached Dystopia?Would you let a five-year-old smoke a joint? I certainly hope not. Yet that would probably be less harmful than loading kids up on pharmaceuticals. Study Finds Disturbing Spike in Birth Defects in US Women Living Near Industrial Agriculture. An exhaustive new study is sounding...

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