AHEAD Map – Available

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DID YOU HEAR?  AHEAD Map is now available. The AHEAD MAP (Advanced Health Evaluation and Assessment for Detoxification, Medical Assessment Program) is a tool created based on the subjective SF-36 patient outcome model. It’s purpose is to help track changes in improvement or worsening in an individual while also helping to determine effectiveness of any intervention, treatment or therapy. The highest possible score is 1000 and represents the worst possible case. The lowest possible score is 100 and represents perfect health, indicating the organs of detoxification are functioning at an...

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Dr. Herbert Needleman, who discovered the wider reaching effects of lead poisoning in children is dead at 89.

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Hear what Dr. Buttar and Robert Scott Bell have to say about this article on the July 31, 2017 Medical Rewind Show Dr. Herbert Needleman, whose studies of children exposed to low levels of lead prompted regulations that limited or banned the metal in a range of common products, like gasoline and paint, and set a standard for the modern study of environmental toxins, died on July 18 in Pittsburgh. He was 89. His son, Dr. Joshua Needleman, said the cause was lung failure resulting from edema, an excess of fluid. Dr. Needleman was working at a community psychiatric clinic in North Philadelphia...

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Medical Rewind – July 31, 2017

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Toxin filled world, Dr. Herbert Needleman, Illinois Vaccine Law, UNICEF Vaccinates, Powassan Virus, and much more! If you missed Medical Rewind with Dr. Rashid A. Buttar and Robert Scott Bell, be sure to go to www.MedicalRewind.com to listen to the show replay.   .. In our toxin-filled world, we often look to government agencies to tell us what levels of exposure we should consider safe or unsafe. If our exposure does not exceed an agency-determined threshold, we assume there is little cause for concern. How do regulatory agencies determine these thresholds? There is considerable...

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The World of Health in 2088

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Health Charting New Plagues Like Predicting the Weather The emergence of new infectious agents is closely related to human activities such as travel, trade, antibiotic usage and ecological degradation. The human-related factors of emergence will increase over the next 90 years. Human population growth on the planet will exacerbate epidemic activity. The breadth of transmission will continue to increase. The food and water supply of the world will become increasingly precious. Indeed, while more than a billion inhabitants now live without adequate clean water, and more than two billion...

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Predictions For the Next 110 Years

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It’s never easy to predict the future. But as PM’s 110th anniversary celebration draws to a close, we’ve decided to try. Here are 110 ambitious ideas for the decades ahead. 2012—2022 · People will be fluent in every language. With DARPA and Google racing to perfect instant translation, it won’t be long until your cellphone speaks Swahili on your behalf. · Software will predict traffic jams before they occur. Using archived data, roadside sensors, and GPS, IBM has come up with a modeling program that anticipates bumper-to-bumper congestion a full hour before it begins....

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Looking Back At Today’s Healthcare From The Future in 2050 – The Medical Futurist

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